Complex system: VIDEN FW18

Hers is a bearing of contradiction and contrast.
A bit complicated, maybe.
Ask her if she cares.

Viden Kai Knit, Phillipa Dress, and Maison Margiela Tabi Boot

Kai Knit coming soon
Phillipa Dress
Maison Margiela Tabi Boot

Viden Crane Dress

Crane Dress coming soon

Viden Arki Shirt and Teon Pant

Arki Shirt coming soon
Teon Pant coming soon

Viden Edit Image
Viden Tilda Shirt and Melean Pant

Tilda Shirt coming soon
Melean Pant coming soon

Viden Edit Image
Viden Hart Dress and Fleet Coat

Hart Dress coming soon
Fleet Coat coming soon

Viden Grean Hoodie, Gromet Jacket, and Jameson Pant

Grean Hoodie coming soon
Gromet Jacket coming soon
Jameson Pant coming soon

Viden Leasa Top and Harp Dress

Leasa Top coming soon
Harp Dress

Viden Shela Shirt and Harris Skirt

Shela Shirt coming soon
Harris Skirt coming soon

Viden Edit Image
  • Photographer: Dan McMahon
  • Stylist: Cassandra Hobbins
  • Hair and Makeup: Rashad Taylor
  • Model: Liv Solo (Wilhelmina)
  • Production: Sarah Oh
  • Furniture: Wentrcek Zebulon