Though many may pass through our lives, in the end the primary relationship we nurture is with the self — not in narcissism nor in self-interest, but in the personal integrity at the foundation of all love. In order to give of ourselves to another, we must first care for the self — in body, in surroundings, in soul. In the spirit of SELF LOVE, presenting a gift guide of personal consideration.

As a gesture of giving back, special gift packaging designed in collaboration with Software Studios is available for purchase. 100% of proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization, Housing Works, whose outstanding work in the New York City community and beyond has fought against the dual crises of homelessness and HIV/AIDS since its founding in 1992.

Philautia Love 3

Oyuna Scala Cashmere Throw, Acne Studios Holmes Scarf, Hawkins New York Icelandic Sheepskin

  • Illustrator: Aidan Koch
  • Photographer: Charlie Schuck
  • Set Design: Natasha Felker
  • Set Stylist: Anna Ling
  • Sculptures: Blake Redmond
  • Production: Sarah Oh

The Seven Faces of Love: A Gifting Series