March 2018

Installation from the group show, Gnaw the bone that falls to thy lot, at Kimberly-Klark Gallery.

Presenting a curated edit of the essential happenings of the month ahead in New York and around the world. This March: Patrick Parrish, Anna-Sophie Berger, Martin Margiela, and more, plus an interview with the artist serpentwithfeet.

David Bowie Is

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  • Music/Art/Fashion
  • Location Brooklyn Museum
  • Date Opening March 2

There has never been an artist like David Bowie. Continuous reinvention and experimentation over a decades-long career mean that for those who care to look, the well of inspirational imagery is truly bottomless, from the high-stacked bouffant and trim suits of the early 60s to the iconic sculptural creations made by Kansai Yamamoto for Aladdin Sane — and far, far beyond. Now, after five years showing around the world, the artifacts of Bowie’s life and work leap from static reference into vibrant reality with David Bowie is, a staggeringly comprehensive collection of original costumes, artworks, and paraphernalia, making its final stop at the Brooklyn Museum this Spring.

Anna-Sophie Berger at JTT Gallery

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  • Art Show
  • Location Lower East Side
  • Date March 4 - April 14

Austrian artist Anna Sophie Berger returns to JTT Gallery for a second time to present her new show The Fool at Sea. This body of work deals with the precarious state of New York’s public spaces, a theme which is an extension of her recent show Anna-Sophie Berger: Places to fight and make up which also dealt with the perceived collapse of communal areas. Expect Anna to approach this subject through a number of mediums and materials, with the work ranging from site-specific sculpture to photography - from decrepit steel boxes to shimmering silk furniture slips.

Patrick Parrish: The Hunt

Through his beloved blog and Instagram, Mondoblogo, as well as his eponymous lower Manhattan shop, Patrick Parrish has positioned himself as one the world’s foremost experts on eccentric and niche design. He is now looking to pass his wealth of knowledge on via his new book, The Hunt: Navigating the Worlds of Art and Design, published by powerHouse Books. Whether you’re aiming to give your apartment an irreverent new look or just trying to expand your knowledge on these topics, this will no doubt become a bible for collectors and appreciators alike.

Leland Melvin, Chasing Space

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  • Space
  • Location Pioneer Works
  • Date Opening March 22

Leland Melvin is possibly the closest a human has come to a real world superhero. He’s been to space and back twice, played in the NFL, and holds four honorary doctorate degrees. He now spends most of his time either developing teaching programs for kids or hosting and judging an array of skill or science-based TV shows. He has detailed all this and more in his new autobiography, Chasing Space, and on March 22nd, the inspirational figure will speak about the book at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


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  • Restaurant
  • Location Lower East Side
  • Date Always & Forever

Although the Japanese food scene has recently exploded in New York, it remains as difficult as ever to find truly great examples at a decent price. Sushi, ramen, and izakaya-style restaurants are commonplace throughout the city — but less so are restaurants like Gohan, serving very traditional food in a quaint living room setting similar to many establishments in the Shimokitazawa neighborhood of Tokyo. Their saba miso (stewed mackerel) is perfectly delicate, their roasted mushroom salad is understated perfection, and even something as simple as a pickle assortment will have you in disbelief. Add to this the fact you can get an umeshu soda and a hamachi collar for six dollars, and you have a pretty unbeatable dining experience (especially for the Lower East Side).

serpentwithfeet interview

During the most recent New York Fashion Week, we at Totokaelo were lucky to have the musician serpentwithfeet perform at our 190 Bowery location as part of our event launching Wales Bonner alongside original artworks by Eric N. Mack. From the moment the lights dimmed until they rose again, it was easy to see that his powerful voice and lyrics had permanently altered quite a few souls in the room. His singular sound had inquisitive minds buzzing — so in an attempt to help calm them, he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

!Oye! For my Dear Brooklyn

  • Link to Event
  • Performance
  • Location Abrons Art Center
  • Date Opening March 15 - 31

All over the world, you’ll come across people who are infatuated with the idea of Brooklyn, but very few of those people have made an attempt to really understand its complexities. Artist Modesto Flako Jimenez aims to spread understanding about the true nature of his childhood borough through poetry, visuals, and music. Expect this bilingual production to be equal parts inspiring and startling, as it will certainly confront many of the challenges facing modern America in Jimenez’s particular brand of non-judgmental performance.

Margiela / Galliera, 1989-2009

  • Link to Museum
  • Fashion
  • Location Palais Galliera
  • Date March 3 - July 15

Visitors to Paris in the coming months will do well to stop by the Palais Galliera some afternoon. Nearly ten years after Martin Margiela’s departure from his eponymous Maison, the museum has assembled a staggering collection of the designer’s most iconic creations in a sweeping retrospective (the first ever held in Paris in the designer’s honor). Pieces and paraphernalia from Margiela’s oeuvre from Spring-Summer 1989 until Spring-Summer 2009 will tug at the heartstrings of any appreciator — from the trompe l’oeil arched doorway and unforgettable deconstructed runway pieces to the genesis and evolution of the Tabi shoe in all its forms.