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Harry Gould Harvey IV & Samantha Durand at Alyssa Davis Gallery

Harry Gould Harvey IV & Samantha Durand at Alyssa Davis Gallery

Looming like a 30-day-long omen, November is a time of harsh realizations and escape plan formulations. As the jaded or uninitiated begin to flee, take a quick look around and you’ll find plenty of spaces where your mind can roam freely despite the oppressive clouds above you. Seek out a taste of the outdoors (while staying warm indoors) courtesy of an installation by artist Johannes VanDerBeek at 190 Bowery, forget where you are altogether at La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s iconic Dream House, or transport to warmer climates thanks to the authentic Italian cuisine of Tra Di Noi. And if none of these appeal, do whatever you want, but make sure you vote!


Johannes VanDerBeek of Canada Goose

Maintaining a tangible connection to the natural world is of paramount importance in the digital age, and this month we will introduce a project that will further reinforce our commitment to this fact. As part of an in-store presentation alongside Canada Goose’s exclusive new Tactical Collection, 190 Bowery will feature a specially created piece by artist Johannes VanDerBeek. We visited his studio in order to document a bit of its creation and talk through the initial concept that brought it into existence.


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  • Date Nov 6
  • Location The United States of America
I Voted Sticker

We know you know; we know you know we know you know. And yet we will happily join the chorus of encouraging voices: if you live in the United States, on November 6th — regardless of your whereabouts, regardless of your politics, regardless of your schedule — your place is in the polls. It's a short series of moments and minute gestures whose impact is gargantuan, and whose importance cannot be undercut especially in times as pivotal as these. Do your research, block out an hour, and go get yourself a sticker.


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  • Date Nov 11
  • Location SVA Theater
Jay: Myself Documentary

We freely admit to a certain sentimental affection for the eternally graffitied façade and cavernous interior of the Germania Bank Building at 190 Bowery — not only because it has been our home base for the last year, but because it is iconic in the very truest sense of the word. The building's epic history began in 1888 as a bank, but its most interesting period came in 1966, when it was purchased by photographer Jay Maisel and employed as his private residence and studio (the space of which he often rented out to artistic titans like Roy Lichtenstein, Jean Michel Basquiat, and more) for nearly fifty years. This month, a documentary on the photographer and his experience within the space is set to release, unveiling the extraordinary life lived and art created within those granite-clad walls. Maisel's life at The Bank, in many ways, tells the story of New York itself in all its changing guises; by granting the viewer access to one of its most mysterious edifices and one of its foremost artists, perhaps we might understand the city in a new light.


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  • Location New York City
  • Date Nov 4
NYC Marathon Runner

There is nothing that inspires so much hope and faith in mankind than a marathon. It is a feat so ambitious, so hard on the body, so ancient as to feel eternal, and we connect to that eternity each time another runner crosses the finish line. If you are feeling lost, afraid, or apathetic (all of which are understandable), we recommend posting up against the barricade of your local marathon for a few minutes or hours. You will find yourself unable to resist cheering on the passing forms in all their different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, all of them having worked their bodies for months and years to get exactly where they are in that moment. You will realize that you are a part of the reason they will finish the race, and that they are part of the reason that despite its countless pratfalls and atrocities, humanity will always be redeemable in some way. Well worth shutting down Fifth Avenue, if we do say so ourselves. And to go beyond just watching, in preparation for this year's race, we've partnered with District Vision and the Runner's Academy to foster both a physical space and virtual context for the therapeutic practice of running.


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  • Meditation
  • Location 275 Church St, New York, NY 10013
  • Date Always
The Dream House

It is the conviction of minimalist composer La Monte Young that for a composition to accumulate meaning, a certain duration is necessary. And while ten minutes may be sufficient to lay the groundwork, it hardly compares to the manifold layers formed over the course of several decades. In 1993, Young and his wife and artistic collaborator Marian Zazeela rented a small apartment in TriBeCa with the hope of creating a space for sound and light — and those things alone. The space, pristine white with plush white carpeting, is forever bathed in a deep fuchsia glow, a soundtrack of droning, meditative minimalist compositions played at high and constant volumes. The meditative and healing properties of such an environment are better experienced than described; suffice it to say that this understated doorway on Church Street leads to a place different than the one outside it. Arrive with ten dollars for the suggested donation and sink into the sound.


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  • Date Oct 14 - Oct 16
  • Location Church of St Ignatius Loyola
    980 Park Ave, New York, New York 10028
Arvo Pärt

As the most-performed composer currently living on planet Earth, Arvo Pärt has wielded vast influence over the world of contemporary music for many decades. Through his adolescence in Soviet-governed Estonia, wherein he was exposed to little musical influence beyond that which was sanctioned by the government, Pärt experimented on the top and bottom notes on the family piano (the only functioning keys). It is perhaps partly due to this isolation that he developed the singular 'holy minimalism' that became his incontrovertible signature. To hear Pärt's compositions is always a stirring experience, but this month's all-Pärt performance at the Church of Saint Ignatius Loyola, performed by the famed Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste, promises the best possible representation of his work. A pre-concert lecture by Orthodox Elder Zacharias of Essex will further illuminate the program — although we hardly need an excuse to spend a little more time in a setting as beautiful as this one.


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  • Date Nov 16
  • Location Lincoln Center
black whyte gray

East London has served as the burning core of UK cultural progression over the last few decades, bestowing the world with groundbreaking new artists, musical genres, and much more. One of the countless groups of hyper-talented individuals to come out of the area is Boy Blue, a performance troupe founded by musician Michael Asante and choreographer Kenrick Sandy MBE. Their performance, Blak Whyte Gray, astounded at London’s Barbican Theatre, and now New Yorkers will get a chance to see it as part of Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival. It is desperately rare to hear the experimental sounds of UK Grime in a stateside environment like this, which you can add to the myriad of reasons this performance is not to be missed.


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  • Location 622 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458
  • Date Always
tra di noi

Considering that New York is home to some of the most visible Italian enclaves on earth, it is shockingly difficult to hunt down great Italian food in this city. If your cravings for fluffy gnocchi and oozing burrata begin to get the better of you, you’re going to want to make the trip out to Tra di Noi in the Bronx, where chef Marco Coletta is turning out regional food that will have your eyes bulging and mouth watering. Beyond the red checkered tablecloths, to the left of the Renaissance-style paintings, you will find the specials board — and you must pay close attention to it. They get most of their ingredients from the legendary importers at Teitel Brothers, so what you see written in chalk will represent the absolute best product that came in that day (like the aforementioned oozing burrata). The quality of the seafood is also exceptional; the branzino we ate was so fresh it must have been fished out of the Mediterranean from the window of a Concord jet. As the cherry on top, you’ll find the owner/chef and his wife working the room throughout your meal, personally and warmly checking that everything is up to your (and their) lofty standards.


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  • Date Oct 26 - Dec 21
  • Location Metro Pictures
Nina Beier

In 2015, Danish artist Nina Beier put on her first show at Metro Pictures, featuring many unforgettable works including her glass pieces filled with coins, jewelry, and human hair. She returns to that same gallery for her new show, Baby, where she will take that concept to new heights — filling waterbeds with similar items until the point where they appear to be in gross disrepair. Nina has a history of transforming non-traditional components into something that is both beautiful and shocking, and this show doesn’t seem to break from that tradition. Pictured here: Stuart Whipps' photo of her show, European Interiors, which took place at Spike Island in Bristol, UK.


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  • Date Nov 10
  • Location Cinema Studies at NYU
Body As Archive

The body is so much more than the amalgamation of tissue, nerves, and bone — it is, in every sense, the physical manifestation of experience and memory across generations. Through the body we are able to trace habit, trauma, emotion, community, and culture. These phenomena have been the defining concern at the heart of Wen Hui, the Beijing-based independent dancer, choreographer, performance artist, and filmmaker, since the 1990s. This month, NYU Tisch's Cinema Studies department is set to host a workshop and screening series centered about just these themes. The program will kick off with a movement workshop and progress with a series of short and feature-length films by three Chinese filmmakers (Hui, Zou Xueping, and Li Xinmin) followed by a rountable with the directors and program leaders.