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Mark Van Yetter at Bridget Donahue

Mark Van Yetter, You can observe a lot by just watching, April 29 - July 15, 2018, Bridget Donahue, New York, image copyright Mark Van Yetter, courtesy of the artist and Bridget Donahue, NYC.

Summer opens like a flower, unfolding petal by petal and exploding into vibrant color all at once. A season of long and simmering days awaits, and beauty must be indulged at every possible opportunity — scintillating conversation with designer Emily Bode, Mendelssohn in the park played by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, superlative Japanese cuisine at Katsuei, and Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaiian paintings at the New York Botanical Garden offer a fitting start.

Emily Bode

Emily Bode

Through an unfaltering focus on craftsmanship and history, New York brand Bode has quickly shot into the collective consciousness of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, developing an enviable cult following as a result. Between her designs being featured in one of the most important performances in TV history and the recent move of some of the line's production out of her studio, this is a pivotal time for the designer Emily Bode. We were lucky to receive a fascinating insight into what the future of her company might hold.

Centrefold Magazine Issue 14

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  • Location Totokaelo
  • Date June 28
Centrefold Magazine Issue 14

In 2003, magazine publishing was on the precipice of a seismic shift in which the highest-circulating glossies were to become infinitely more commercial, while their independent counterparts became that much more specialized. It was in this atmosphere that Centrefold was born, conceived with the aim of challenging what a publication could be and establishing a place within the niche allowing for limitless creativity. 15 years on, the magazine has only grown more progressive and experimental, with wildly inventive approaches to printing and assembly showcasing gorgeous fashion photography by artists both well-known (Viviane Sassen, Paul Kooiker) and obscure. The clear-eyed leadership of editor-in-chief Andrew G. Hobbs and fashion director Katie Burnett was augmented in the magazine's 13th issue by creative director Ted Lovett and a printing partnership with HP Indigo, G.F. Smith Papers, and F.E. Burman Printers — the forthcoming 14th issue, focusing on themes of acceleration and alternative modernities, promises still further exploration of the print medium, launching at Totokaelo this month.

Uon - Untitled LP

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Uon - Untitled LP

After a dazzling debut release on record label Motion Ward, Berlin producer Uon is back with an untitled LP that fittingly comes out on Huerco S-led new imprint, West Mineral Ltd. This particular offering focuses on the movement of water, and Uon does brilliantly to absorb the listener in an ebb and flow that sounds totally orchestrated by the natural world. In the overstuffed genre of ambient music, it is sometimes hard to distinguish which artists have that special something, but it only takes one listen through to understand that Uon is a producer who brings a degree of life to their work rarely witnessed in this (or any) time.

Katsuei West Village

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  • Location West Village
Sushi Katsuei

Many of Katsuei’s frequent descriptors aren’t the most outwardly exhilarating: consistent, affordable, quaint, etc. But don’t be fooled by its reliable reputation — the experienced sushi chefs behind the bar deliver some of the most explosively delicious fish in New York, which is oftentimes shipped overnight from Japan. Their sleek little space on 6th Avenue has a variety of nigiri, izakaya-informed appetizers, and classic entrees, but the sushi omakase is the reason most people keep returning. The best deal comes in the form of their six-piece sample plate, which perfectly pairs the freshest cuts of the day with touches like a pinch of plum or a yuzu glaze. Even if you do order for yourself, we suggest forgoing soy sauce altogether and asking to have each piece done ‘omakase style’, as the chefs will have a better idea of how to maximize the beautiful natural flavor of each individual item. If you need someplace to start, try the katsuo (bonito tuna), hotate (scallop), Hokkaido uni (sea urchin from Japan’s northernmost island), botanebi (shrimp, which in this case are wild from Canada), and, if you happen to walk in on the right day, mirugai (giant clam).

Altered at Company Gallery

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  • Location Company Gallery MAY 13 – JUNE 23
  • Date May 13 - June 23
Altered at Company Gallery

The new group show at Lower East Side gallery Company is a dizzying bit of overgrown chaos that does a flawless job of representing the very best of the visual aesthetic that is currently controlling New York’s underground. You will think all these artists inhabit a world that is somewhere between Spirited Away and Picnic at Hanging Rock, one that is a 24/7 gabber rave at some Victorian mansion that has been swallowed by an enchanted forest. This show is equal parts about returning to the innocence of childhood and destroying any vestiges of it, in the same way that doing drugs is often considered a way to end one's wide-eyed youth while paradoxically offering one of the few ways to elicit its inherent wonderment. Casja Von Ziepel and Will Sheldon have created some of the most intoxicating personalities since those of Lewis Carroll, and they make for wonderful guides through the environment that they and the other artists have constructed.

Between Art & Fashion.
Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani

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  • Date Opens June 1
  • Location Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin
Between Art & Fashion

Carla Sozzani is best known as the creator of what is arguably the world’s first concept store in 10 Corso Como, but her career is far more prolific than most could imagine. Throughout decades working with magazines like Vogue and Elle, she collaborated with an enviable list of history’s greatest photographers, which subsequently led to her organization of over 250 art exhibitions featuring all different media. As her relationships to these artists grew, so did her collection — now one of the most cohesive surveys of photography in the world. Expect to see some of history's most genius creators of fashion images (William Klein, Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst) alongside some of its most revered surrealists (Man Ray, Francesca Woodman, Roger Ballen) in a collection that definitely favors the more charred side of the aesthetic spectrum. Housed this season at Berlin's Helmut Newton Foundation, the collection was first shown last year in Galerie Azzedine Alaïa in Paris, where it was co-curated by the late, great fashion designer.

Hildegaarde Month at National Sawdust
Hildegaarde Month at National Sawdust in Brooklyn

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  • Date June 29
  • Location National Sawdust, Brooklyn, New York
John Zorn

History has had a way of erasing some of its most talented creators — doubly so when those creators are not male, white, or heterosexual — yet a world of brilliance by those outside that narrow niche exists, has always existed, just below the surface. As part of its inaugural Hildegaard month (a series of features and performances by women and gender non-binary individuals including a directing competition and star-studded concert), artist incubator and venue National Sawdust will screen three films by seminal women filmmakers Maya Deren, Marie Menken, and Raha Raissnia, accompanied by a live score conducted by none other than virtuoso composer John Zorn. The films selected reflect a wide range of perspectives and epochs, released, respectively, in 1943, 1964, and 2018. United under the enveloping musical stylings of Zorn's talented musical ensemble, the evening promises a thoroughgoing survey and celebration of women in the arts throughout and beyond the 20th century.

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
in Central Park

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  • Location Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park
  • Date June 26

There are many ways to spend a golden hour, but few options compare with a verdant Central Park, its fragrant air filled with concertos by Mendelssohn, Beethoven, and Schoeck. The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra's summer concert series begins this month at the Naumburg Bandshell. Free of charge and set in the open air, these park performances highlight Orpheus' uniquely democratic approach to classical music — founded in 1972, the orchestra plays sans conductor and offers music-making services to public school students. The 26th's performance includes a composition by Schoeck entitled "Sommernacht" inspired by a poem of the same name by Gottfried Keller, whose contents are quite appropriate for the evening's projected tone: "Crescent noises, cheers and harmonica sounds betray the cheerful activity of the old, beautiful custom, until morning cocks, awakening bird calls and early bells call the brave, secret helpers to their own, heavy work."

Georgia O'Keeffe:
Visions of Hawaii

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  • Nature + Garden
  • Location The New York Botanical Garden
  • Date May 19 - Oct 28
Georgia O'Keeffe

In 1939, Georgia O'Keeffe traveled nine days and thousands of miles to Oahu, Hawaii at the behest of Dole Pineapple, then known as the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. She was to paint a pineapple in the style of her most famous compositions, with two canvases to be turned in at the end of her stay — yet true to her reputation as “least commercial artist in the U.S.,” (according to TIME), O'Keeffe returned with a thick sheaf of paintings that included renderings of surging waterfalls, lobster’s claw heliconia, black lava, and a papaya tree... but not a single pineapple. The corporation forced her hand by shipping a pineapple tree directly to her door, but to this day, the collection of works painted in Hawaii represents a little-known slice of O'Keeffe's oeuvre showcasing her talents to their fullest effect while offering an unexpected riposte to her familiar flowers and signature desertscapes. This summer, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx has gathered 17 of these Hawaiian paintings alongside a lush paradise in the Garden's central conservatory, full of dazzling tropical flora borrowed, in large part, from Hawaii's own National Tropical Botanical Garden — a fitting escape from the city's familiar greyscale.