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Martin Beck at 47 Canal

Martin Beck at 47 Canal

Welcome to 2019. Try it on like a garment. Does it fit? Will you have to grow into it? The flipping to a new calendar hardly constitutes evidence of tangible renewal, but at the very least, January offers a helpful construct for such a transition. It's a daunting prospect, but we hope that we can tempt you to leave the house despite bitter winds outside, whether it's to take in classic opera at the Met or immerse yourself in collective soundmaking by Marginal Consort at Seattle's On the Boards — at the very least, duck out for some fresh pasta from Raffetto's and treat yourself to something deliciously rich in the warmth of your own home.

Nataša Čagalj

Nataša Čagalj

Ports 1961 has been a benchmark of effortless luxury for over half a century now, but it's never felt so relevant and fresh as under the leadership of Nataša Čagalj. The Croatian-Slovenian designer possesses an extraordinary pedigree including an education at Central Saint Martins, a close mentorship with one of its greatest ever professors, and design tenures with some of the great houses of the last decade. Now at the helm of Ports, Čagalj is in easy command of her significant skill set, and took the time to sit down with us and unpack her success with well-balanced confidence and humility.


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  • Art
  • Location Morgan Library & Museum
  • Date Jan 18
Art from "By Any Means" Exhibit

The Morgan Library possesses one of the most breathtaking interiors in all of Manhattan, any space not filled by leather-bound books occupied by either dark wood, burnt stone, or lavish paintings. The Morgan Museum is almost always hosting a few shows within its walls, usually devoted to classical subjects which correspond with its classical interior. By Any Means is meant to break with this tradition, highlighting numerous groundbreaking art movements taking place from the 1950s onward. You’ll find work from Sol LeWitt, Gavin Turk, and Betye Saar in this show, alongside many more seemingly unrelated artists — it will be fascinating not only to see the parallels drawn by the curator, but also to see such a stylistically diverse roster presented in such a storied space.


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  • Date Jan - Feb
  • Location Metropolitan Opera
    Metropolitan Opera
Aida at the Met

As much as we love to take you places you've never seen before, obscurity isn't everything. Sometimes a canonical classic comes up, and why deny ourselves the joy? Verdi's seminal opera Aida has been a smash hit since its opening in Cairo on Christmas Eve 1871 and every year since, sung well over a thousand times at New York's Metropolitan Opera alone. Perhaps it's the inherently dazzling spectacle of its ancient Egyptian setting, or the heartrending libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni, or the iconic, soaring arias throughout its four acts. Whatever the nexus of its appeal, Aida remains one of the greatest operas ever composed, and well worth the time spent seated on red velvet within the Met's historic amphitheater on a cold winter night, especially given this production's exceptional cast, including soprano Anna Netrebko as the titular princess.


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  • Date Always
  • Location 144 W Houston St,
    New York, NY 10012
Maggie Nelson on Sarah Lucas Sculpture

Although Raffetto's may not technically be a restaurant, as some assembly is required, you can always expect the freshest food and lovely customer service. The pastas, sauces, and toasts here are built to travel, with both boxed and frozen varieties meant to be heated or cooked up in your own kitchen. When you pass under their big green awning, you’ll almost certainly be greeted by one of the four generations of the Raffetto family that has been operating the business since its inception in 1906. For these 100-plus years, they have been making Italian specialities like squid ink pasta, rosemary fettuccini, and lobster ravioli at a price point that will have you in disbelief, not to mention the many incredible varieties of pesto and marinara sauces crafted to match. Raffettos is an indispensable gem year-round, but it is especially vital in the winter. In addition to it being the perfect place to stock up for an approaching storm, the staff are so kind they could probably melt ice.


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  • Location On the Boards
  • Date Jan 25
Marginal Consort at On the Boards

Seattle's On the Boards theater is an utterly unique and iconic institution, fostering creative innovation with true integrity and diversity since its opening in the city's Queen Anne neighborhood in 1998. Beyond its highly anticipated annual performance season (whose past programming has included Laurie Anderson, Bill T. Jones, The Wooster Group, Reggie Watts, and many more), OtB provides significant resources to and beyond the artistic community of Seattle through free rehearsal space, technical residencies, and special project management, to name a few. This season's schedule promises to be one of its most incredible yet, with a performance by Japanese collective improvisation group Marginal Consort, who only meet once a year, at the end of January. Utilizing a heady mix of established and homemade instruments from electronics and bamboo sticks to water and other household objects, Marginal Consort's members do not discuss their performance with one another before they gather on stage, allowing their impulses to guide their actions and create a singular collective sound.


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  • Dance
  • Location Lehman Center
  • Date Jan 19
Ballet Hispanico

For over four decades, Tina Ramirez’s Ballet Hispanico has been organizing performances, panel discussions, classes, and many more activities centered around expanding the visibility of Latinx culture within the arts. 2018 saw the troupe presenting a totally unique take on the classic opera Carmen at the Apollo theater, but 2019 will bring them to the the Bronx, where they will be showcasing their mastery at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. Artistic director Eduardo Vilaro’s full of range of influences will no doubt be on display here, and it should be a spiritual and sensuous display that will leave a deep burn on your mind.


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  • Date Jan 4
  • Location Nowadays

There are few, if any, DJ/producers as freaky as Traxx. One set by this Chicago legend will veer wildly between industrial, house, and most other genres in between, his compositions mirroring this eclecticism. More faint-hearted music aficionados have found themselves put off by his abrasive style, but the die-hard revelers of the underground regard him as one of the ultimate artists of all time. Listen to his vocal house cut "A Heat Alone" back-to-back with the new record by Mutant Beat Dance (his group with Beau Wanzer and Steve Summers) to get an idea of just how far his sonic wingspan stretches, and expect that same diversity of style to be represented in his 6-hour slot of vinyl manipulation at Brooklyn club Nowadays.


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  • Date Jan 30
  • Location The Swiss Institute
Jasper Spicero: Centinal

For anyone who has wished there were more doctor and dentist visits in the Final Fantasy games, we present to you the work of Jasper Spicero. A true master of environment, Jasper applies an unnerving sterilization and surrealism to everyday settings — settings which will remind most of their youth. Somehow both cold and playful, his unmistakable creations have found their way into abandoned Northwestern prisons and onto the cover of musician Toxe’s 12” for Pan Records, and this show at the highly respected Swiss Institute seems to represent the full bloom of an artist that has been on the brink of exploding (or imploding) for a great many years.


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  • Dance
  • Location MoMA PS1
  • Date Jan 27
Judson Dance Theater

Within every generation (or few generations) there comes a need for a reassessment of our artistic mores, a getting-back-in-touch with something more honest, raw, and real. In the early 1960s, an illustrious group of choreographers, composers, filmmakers, and visual artists gathered in Greenwich Village's Judson Memorial Church to make just such an endeavor. The resulting series of workshops more or less redefined dance entirely, elevating simple and quotidian gestures to the highest intellectual level in a pendulum swing that has continued to influence evolutions in movement since. This month, MoMA PS1 will devote an entire day to the analysis of this historic phenomenon with a symposium including presentations, discussions, and sound improvisations — we expect that the Judson ethos will prove as relevant and inspiring in the new year as it was at the time of its genesis.


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  • Location Housing Works Thrift Shop, 130 Crosby St
Housing Works

It's a new year, and while we aspire to a philosophy of rigorous and constant self-improvement, there is something about a resetting of the calendar that inspires a concentrated push towards tangible betterment. A conscious uncluttering is a good place to start, and doubly so if that process can benefit the lives of others. Might we suggest, if you happen to stop by our new retail location at 61 Crosby Street, that you first duck into the Housing Works down the street for a cleansing drop-off? Winter coats and knitwear are badly needed through these cold months, and each donation you make not only serves that need but also supports the city's community with essential services like housing, nutrition, medical care, and legal help.