Movement and Silence
with District Vision

In a modern metropolis, finding silence can feel impossible. The vibrating noise of the city fosters a parallel buzz in the brain — it permeates our nights and follows us through our days at a frequency so subtle as to become imperceptible until we realize, finally, that it has swallowed us whole.

Yet it is the belief of some that a perfect quiet can be achieved — not through escape and not through isolation, but through movement. This year, in preparation for the New York City Marathon, performance apparel label District Vision's groundbreaking Runner’s Academy create a space designed for individuals to connect to a peace within through the meditative practice of running. With each soft strike of rubber against road, we come closer — to peace, to the self, to the next place.

Knox Robinson – @firstrun

Bianca Nemelc – @biancajnem

Iman Smith – @soswanky

Jeanne Mack – @jmmackattack

  • Videographer: Chadwick Tyler