Introducing Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978

When Raf Simons signed on to CALVIN KLEIN in 2016, a journey through the American aesthetic began. What awaited was a vast and varied landscape, equal parts humble and opulent, natural and synthetic, timeless and temporal, familiar and brand new. Speaking to one and all, a new language emerged — a vision of America constructed of and from its foundations. Introducing CALVIN KLEIN JEANS EST. 1978, an elevated denim wardrobe informed by American icons, contemporary youth subcultures, and the legacy of the CALVIN KLEIN brand.

Calvin Klein 1978
Calvin Klein Modernist Logo Tee

Modernist Logo Tee coming soon

Calvin Klein Narrow All Over Print Jean

Narrow All Over Print Jean
OK Logo Landscape Print Tee coming soon

Calvin Klein Logo Print Tee, Modernist Logo, Tee Narrow Jean

Logo Print Tee
Modernist Logo Tee coming soon
Narrow Jean

Calvin Klein Logo Print Tee

Logo Print Tee
Modernist Logo Tee coming soon

Calvin Klein Landscape Western Shirt

Landscape Western Shirt coming soon

  • Photographer: Dan McMahon
  • Stylist: Katie Burnett (Frank Reps)
  • Hair and Make-up: Akina Magnese
  • Models: Trystin Valention (Fusion Models), Wayne Booth (Heroes), Honza Stiborek (Identity Models)