Within every person is a space for all humankind, and within humankind is a space for every person. Remember that you are of the earth, that the earth has given you everything you have ever had. Remember what human hands can do. There is much good to be seen and felt. In the spirit of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, presenting a gift guide of objects made consciously and by hand.

As a gesture of giving back, special gift packaging designed in collaboration with Software Studios is available for purchase. 100% of proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization, Housing Works, whose outstanding work in the New York City community and beyond has fought against the dual crises of homelessness and HIV/AIDS since its founding in 1992.

  • Illustrator: Aidan Koch
  • Photographer: Charlie Schuck
  • Set Design: Natasha Felker
  • Set Stylist: Anna Ling
  • Sculptures: Blake Redmond
  • Production: Sarah Oh

The Seven Faces of Love: A Gifting Series