100,000 dreams: Acne Studios

You didn’t choose to dream, but here you are. Your brain is busier than ever. It’s lighting up the charts. When you explain what you saw over breakfast, it will stop making sense as you’re speaking. You may never remember what happened here, but you will feel it hovering around you all day. It will feel like a ghost, a friend, a fog, a too‑small sweater.

If a dream is like a little life, you will have lived and died a hundred thousand lifetimes before you reach the end. You’ll carry them with you behind your eyelids, looking right through them. You’ll recognize them in the most ordinary places. And you won’t know what it means (until you do).

  • Director: Griffin Stoddard
  • Director of Photography: Danyal Khan Niazi
  • Music: Gaul Plus
  • Stylist: Thistle Brown
  • Models: Christian Heritage (Next Models), Manami Kinoshita (Muse Models)
  • Hair: Masami Hosono
  • Video Installation: Rhizome NYC
  • Art Direction: Luke Davie
  • Production: Sarah Oh