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Dieppa Restrepo


Lupe , Emerald Crocodile


Classic desert boot in a textured crocodile pattern. Lace front. Rounded toe. Leather sole and insole. Low stacked heel with black rubber plate.

Dieppa Restrepo's products are handmade and may include minor imperfections, this is natural to the unique character of these shoes.
  • Origin US
  • Material Leather

Sizing and Fit

  • Sizing US
  • Measure 3/4" heel height, 3 1/2" shaft
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Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile) Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile) Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile) Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile) Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile) Dieppa Restrepo Lupe  (Emerald Crocodile)

Comments and Questions

  • Maura E.

    On August 18 2012 Maura wrote

    Loving the crocodile-esque texture. Such a fantastic color!

  • Christine T.

    On August 25 2012 Christine wrote

    I can't stop picturing these for the Fall with opaque black tights and an oversized dress (maybe of the sweater variety). Love the thought of Emerald Crocodile on the feet paired with a rich charcoal grey on top!

  • Nicole C.

    On August 27 2012 Nicole wrote

    Can you tell me how Dieppa Restrepo's usually run?

  • Rachael V.

    On August 27 2012 Rachael wrote

    Hello Nicole! We've found that different styles, seasons, colors and even different sizes all run differently. If you let me know your size and which style you're interested in, I'd be happy to give you more detailed information!

  • Laura W.

    On February 13 2013 Laura wrote

    This color! That texture. I'm obsessed with all Lupe's but this one is to die for!

  • Laura W.

    On April 17 2013 Laura wrote

    A super sweet client picked these up today and my love affair with the Lupe started all over again! I really love how the emerald adds an interesting pop of color but still is remarkable neutral

  • Michelle O.

    On January 24 2014 Michelle wrote

    Am obsessed with the crocodile texture and emerald color. How does the size 9 measure (the length inside and outside along the sole)? Any chance more sizes (like an 8?) will come in anytime soon? I am usually an 8. Thanks!!

  • Laura W.

    On January 24 2014 Laura wrote

    Hello Michelle. Aren't these beautiful?! The insole (from heel to toe) of the size US 9 is approximately 10 3/8 inches and the outersole is approximately 10 1/2 inches. Also, my fellow coworker tried these on for you. Maura is normally a size US 8 and did find these to be too big for her. BUT this style is a Totokaelo Signature and will eventually make their way back in stock! Simply sign up for the notification email and we'll email as soon as they are back :)

  • Michelle O.

    On January 25 2014 Michelle wrote

    The coolest shoes I've seen in awhile. Thank you so much for the quick reply and for measuring!! I am tempted to take the 9 because many of my shoes (though size 8 are about 10.5" on the outersole). Does dieppa tend to run small or do they stretch a lot?

  • Laura W.

    On January 25 2014 Laura wrote

    Glad we can help, Michelle! Because Dieppa Restrepo shoes are all handmade, I have personally found the fits to vary, sometimes significantly, between styles and sizes. Also, the leather is quite soft so they do have the tendency to stretch but this would mostly be width wise. BUT Totokaelo will exchange or refund non-sale items received back to Totokaelo within 20 days of order date so you could always try and return them if they do not fit!

  • Michelle O.

    On January 26 2014 Michelle wrote

    Awesome. Thanks for the details! By the way - love the site and your selection!

  • Laura W.

    On January 26 2014 Laura wrote

    Thanks Michelle! You are too sweet :)