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Tie Dye Kimono Top, Black


Machine wash. Oversize hand-dyed woven cotton top. Boat neckline. Short sleeves with dropped armhole. Slips on.
  • Origin US
  • Material 100% cotton

Sizing and Fit

  • Sizing O/S
  • Fit One size
  • Measure 27" from shoulder to hem
  • Model Measurements Yanjin is 5'9", 34A, denim 27, dress US 2, pant US 2, blouse US 2
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UZI Tie Dye Kimono Top (Black) UZI Tie Dye Kimono Top (Black) UZI Tie Dye Kimono Top (Black) UZI Tie Dye Kimono Top (Black)

Comments and Questions

  • Maura E.

    On December 26 2012 Maura wrote

    Throw this top over anything! SO GOOD.

  • Christine T.

    On December 26 2012 Christine wrote

    I have been waiting so very patiently for this top to make it's way back to the shop...and now it's back! I LOVE it's easy chic quality and how the black/white tie dye also creates a dark bluish hue. Once I can get myself to take off my R13 Cashmere tee, I'll probably be living in this guy!

  • Nina M.

    On December 26 2012 Nina wrote

    The hand-dyed tie dye is amazing, and means each one is unique. Love that!

  • Laura W.

    On March 19 2013 Laura wrote

    Thank goodness these are back, they flew out the door last time. The color, neckline and shape make this tunic irresistible!

  • Dori C.

    On March 20 2013 Dori wrote

    The craft and uniqueness of this top is too good!

  • Bryan C.

    On May 28 2013 Bryan wrote

    Amazing hand dye pattern! Each one is different and it's an EXCLUSIVE piece!

  • Dianne P.

    On July 19 2013 Dianne wrote

    I just got the restock message. Darn, this sells out too fast!

  • Laura W.

    On July 20 2013 Laura wrote

    Hello Dianne. Sorry this has sold out so quickly but please check back! This kimono is a Signature Totokaelo piece and will be back shortly :)

  • Dianne P.

    On August 21 2013 Dianne wrote

    Just ordered this! Hope it fits. Does anyone know how many inches across the top is? I guess I should have asked before I ordered but I was afraid it would sell out again.

  • Laura W.

    On August 21 2013 Laura wrote

    Hi Dianne. I am so happy you were able to snag this top! From armpit seam to armpit seam, this top measures approximately 29 1/2 inches across. I hope this helps! Enjoy the piece :)

  • Gayle W.

    On October 21 2013 Gayle wrote

    Really like this top, but am wondering if it will keep sliding off the shoulder. I find that super irritating. Does anyone know?

  • Rachael V.

    On October 21 2013 Rachael wrote

    Hello Gayle. I've found this to be closely related to your shoulder width, so I've taken measurements for you! Taken on a flat surface, the neck opening of this top measures approximately 12.5" inches across.

  • Tamara C.

    On March 18 2014 Tamara wrote

    I bought the denim-dyed Uzi kimono top and the dye stains my upper arms for days, as well as stains anything I have on underneath. I'm quite unhappy about it but love the style of this top. Do you think this would do the same?

  • Christine T.

    On March 19 2014 Christine wrote

    Tamara. Oh no! I'm SO sorry to hear that about your denim-dyed Uzi top. Have you tried washing it with one cup of white vinegar? No detergent. This can sometimes help prevent bleeding! In regards to this top, we have never heard any feedback from clients experiencing dye stains with it. I hope this helps!

  • Tamara C.

    On March 19 2014 Tamara wrote

    No, I haven't tried washing it with vinegar but will give it a shot! Hopefully this will work.

  • Christine T.

    On March 19 2014 Christine wrote

    Fingers crossed, Tamara!