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Men's Wool Plaid Scarf, Gray


Heavy wool knit scarf with frayed ends, slightly sheer. Dry clean only.
  • Origin Japan
  • Material 100% wool

Sizing and Fit

  • Measure 53" x 39"
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Undercover Men's Wool Plaid Scarf (Gray) Undercover Men's Wool Plaid Scarf (Gray) Undercover Men's Wool Plaid Scarf (Gray) Undercover Men's Wool Plaid Scarf (Gray) Undercover Men's Wool Plaid Scarf (Gray)

Comments and Questions

  • Grace R.

    On February 01 2014 Grace wrote

    i purchased the brown/olive version of this beautiful scarf. it arrived in the mail this afternoon, and i so love it ! question pls: how does one tie this scarf to achieve the look in the photo above (meaning, top photos 1 and 3) it seems that they are the same, only 3 is an enlarged version of 1. i look forward to your response. Thank you!

  • Nikki D.

    On February 02 2014 Nikki wrote

    Hi Grace. I am so happy that you love the scarf! It's so beautiful and cozy. We would love to tell you how to achieve the looks in the photos. Unfortunately, our Creative Team who styled this look is out of the shop today, but they will be back tomorrow! Stay tuned for directions on how to tie this wonderful scarf. :)

  • Joon Y.

    On February 03 2014 Joon wrote

    Hi Grace. I am glad that you like the scarf! This is how to tie a scarf to make look like the photo. 1. Place the scarf around your neck making both sides even in the front 2. Wrap the left side of the scarf all the around your neck so that the end is in the front again 3. Grab the end of the right side of the scarf and tucked in under the scarf around your neck.(Should hang in a loose V shape) 4. Tuck in the left side edge under the scarf doughnut around your neck. Hope this helps :)