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Rick Owens D RK SH D W


Poplin Wax Hat, Black


Wax cotton snapback with exposed seam detailing through out. Machine wash.
  • Origin Italy
  • Material 97% cotton, 3% spandex

Sizing and Fit

  • Measure Approximately 11 1/2" diameter; 2 3/4" bill
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Rick Owens D RK SH D W  Poplin Wax Hat (Black) Rick Owens D RK SH D W  Poplin Wax Hat (Black) Rick Owens D RK SH D W  Poplin Wax Hat (Black) Rick Owens D RK SH D W  Poplin Wax Hat (Black) Rick Owens D RK SH D W  Poplin Wax Hat (Black)

Comments and Questions

  • Maura E.

    On April 07 2013 Maura wrote

    Jump on it people! This hat will not be here long.

  • Bryan C.

    On May 29 2013 Bryan wrote

    This waxed cotton cap is out of this world! So good. Nothing like topping off a look with a classic ball cap.

  • Laura W.

    On June 09 2013 Laura wrote

    My favorite look right now is a mix of feminine and masculine, all based on this hat! The modern, fashion forward tomboy. Love!

  • Allyce B.

    On June 23 2013 Allyce wrote

    could you give me some idea of the sizing, s'il vous plait? is it men's or women's. i usually wear men'd hats because, well, i seem to have a big cranium and lots of hair - men's medium or large? : )

  • Penninah B.

    On June 23 2013 Penninah wrote

    Hi Allyce, I bought this exact hat in the leather version and it fits me like a dream. I also have to wear mens hats as my cranium is 24 inches, and as you can see from my profile pic I have loads of hair. My mane resembles that of the girl on the Totokaelo Blog page.. In short, I think you will love this hat!

  • Rachael V.

    On June 23 2013 Rachael wrote

    Hello Allyce. This hat measures approximately 11 1/2" inches in diameter, and has an adjustable strap on the back as well. Penninah, thank you for the amazing feedback! So helpful :)

  • X X.

    On July 19 2013 X wrote

    Does it come with Drkshdw dust bag?

  • Nina M.

    On July 19 2013 Nina wrote

    Hi X! That's a great question. I do not remember seeing any Drkshdw Dust bags while receiving these hats in particular. So sorry!